Discipleship has two sides to it

Discipleship has two sides to it.  1st there is the person we are following, being discipled so that we can become like that person, in this case, Jesus Christ. And 2nd there are the people we are walking along with, nurturing their spiritual journeys, being there for them, discipling them. For discipleship is about community, […]

Silence. Ceasing The Mind’s Hold On Us. 2.10.20

“Our own awareness, our own interiority, runs deeper than we realize. If we turn within and see only noise, chaos, thinking, anxiety—what R. S. Thomas calls ‘the mind’s kingdom,’ then we have not seen deeply enough into the vast and expansive moors of human awareness. When the wandering, roving minds grows still, when fragmented craving […]

What Are We Enslaved To?

1.20.20            The major story of the Old Testament is the Exodus story which takes 5 books of the Bible to tell.  It is the story of God leading the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt through a long stay in the wilderness and finally to the Promised Land, Canaan. God would do the same for […]

Live the Adventure of Following Jesus!

Live the Adventure of following Jesus! Here are some of what you might experience in following Him:   Be born again as Jesus was born into this world! Really that means to be born again and again for us, because it takes a lot of time to give up all that the world has taught […]