Dealing with the pandemic

How do we deal with the coronavirus and tall the changes to our lives that it has brought? Here are my suggestions:   That we pray for peace of mind and that we might see all the blessings the Lord is showering on us and our families during this crisis. That we go outside every […]


#199 akoloutheo p.1525: to follow accompany to follow or be a disciple of a leader’s teaching or disciple #3412 p.1568, mathetes n. disciple, student committed learner and follower of Jesus Greek word noun pistis #4411, verb pisteuo #4409 – faith, faithfulness, belief, and trust with an implication that actions based on that trust must follow. […]

Discipleship has two sides to it

Discipleship has two sides to it.  1st there is the person we are following, being discipled so that we can become like that person, in this case, Jesus Christ. And 2nd there are the people we are walking along with, nurturing their spiritual journeys, being there for them, discipling them. For discipleship is about community, […]

Silence. Ceasing The Mind’s Hold On Us. 2.10.20

“Our own awareness, our own interiority, runs deeper than we realize. If we turn within and see only noise, chaos, thinking, anxiety—what R. S. Thomas calls ‘the mind’s kingdom,’ then we have not seen deeply enough into the vast and expansive moors of human awareness. When the wandering, roving minds grows still, when fragmented craving […]