If you really want to be free from the past…

6.20.22            If you really want to be free from the past…   Life is full of challenges, big and small here on Earth. So often we just shove down the pain of each challenge and loss in our lives—after all that was easier for us to do as children when we didn’t know how to […]

Walking and Praying

5.16.22            Walking and Praying   One of the best ways I have found to pray is to walk a labyrinth. This is a circle of paths which lead to the center and then back out again. In a way walking the labyrinth is just like our lives: there are turns so often that it begins […]

How do we know that we are following Jesus?

4.15.22            How do I know that we are following Jesus?   To follow Jesus is a lifelong, ever-deepening task from the moment we give our lives over to loving Him with all of ourselves. To believe in Jesus and everything that the Bible says about Him is the first step on this long journey. From […]

Our LIves As We Follow Jesus

  3.14.22   Our Lives as We Follow Jesus First, we have to come to belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God as He is described in the New Testament. Secondly, we have to allow Christ to direct our days and our lives through the voice of the Indwelling Spirit of God that resides within […]