7.18.11 How we live our lives

How we live our lives says a lot about what’s important to us. If we bookend the day with prayers and devotions, we are saying that God is very important in our lives. If we look for His presence throughout our days and what He is saying to us, then we are actively seeking Jesus Christ in all that we do. We don’t have to be in a monastery or convent to live this sort of life. We can live it in the world, in our work and leisure time and in our families, too.


Here is a pattern of living that focuses on our devotion to God. First, we begin and end our days with devotions, perhaps spending more time in the morning. A year-round devotional book like Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling or Jesus Listens begins the day with a short reading and Bible verses. Then sitting in silence in the presence of God like in Centering Prayer shows our devotion to God. We could also journal, putting down the what is true about ourselves today. And we might end with prayers for ourselves, for people needing prayers, for our country and the world.


Second, we keep our eyes and ears attentive to God’s actions throughout our day. There are blessings or challenges for us, help along the way, or just the sense of His presence with us. As we look for instances of His grace, we are comforted, inspired and more. He might nudge us to do something we hadn’t thought of. He might suggest a person to contact. He might be present to us at any moment. The more we are looking out for Him, the more we will see how He is there with us and for us, and the more we will feel gratitude for all His caring.


Thirdly, at the end of our day, we can do the daily examen or keep a gratitude journal to note where we did experience His help and guidance. And then we can pray our gratitude and questions and prayers for ourselves and others. And end the day in His presence.


Bookending our days in His presence and watching out for it during our days keeps our “eyes on the prize,” on God Himself and our relationship to Him. It enriches everything we do and brings us peace and fulfillment. What a gift His presence is to us!


Questions to ponder: How do you live out your devotion to God in your life? How important is it to you? How faithful are you? Is there more that you could be doing if you only made the time?

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