The Greatest Challenge in Our Lives as We Follow Jesus

11.14.22   The greatest change in our lives as we follow Jesus is in developing true humility. As we give up the issues that consume us, the values the world insists that we live by, as we live into the healing that God offers us for all our pain and suffering, we find that the […]

The Key Practice

10.17.22          The Key Practice   The most important thing we need to do in order to follow Jesus is to be able to hear the voice of the Indwelling Spirit of God in our minds. Otherwise, we are just doing what our preacher or church are telling us to do. Just like believing in Jesus […]

Digging Deeper Into Our Resistance

9.19.22   So much of our journeying with Jesus depends on our ability to deal with our resistance, our self-importance–in the main, our culturally-conditioned selves. We Americans are prone to set our agendas and stick to them, no matter what, we are mostly concerned about our own selves and what we need, and we do […]

8. 19.22 How We Live Our Lives

How we live our lives says a lot about what’s important to us. If we bookend the day with prayers and devotions, we are saying that God is very important in our lives. If we look for His presence throughout our days and what He is saying to us, then we are actively following Jesus […]