3.13.23 The Purpose of Our Lives

I am writing about my journey today to finding out my purpose in life for the express purpose of asking you to do the same. What challenges have you been through in your life? Have they been healed and repurposed in your life? There is a purpose in all that we go through—it is to […]

Living in the Truth

2.13.23   If we want to live in the truth about yourself and God and the world, then there are two practices that will help you to do this. Although the truth about ourselves often rises in our minds, we mostly don’t pay any attention to it among all the other thoughts we have. Also, […]

1.16.23 Three Practices That Help Us Deepen Our Lives in Christ

Lectio Divina, an Ignatian practice Lectio Divina is a way of reading shorter passages in the Bible, say three or four verses, aloud all the while paying attention to any word or phrase that stands out for you. Read the passage three times slowly, listening for any word or phrase that stands out for you. […]

12.19.22 Beyond Belief

Belief in God is an important first step in dedicating our lives to loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves. But, it is not the end-all-and-be-all of the Christian life, just the first step. Believing in God and all that He promises us depends on […]