Living the Life in Christ

The Trajectory of Our Lives

When we think of the spiritual journey, I think we are so now-focused that we don’t think of the whole trajectory of our lives and how what’s happening today fits into it. I have thought a lot along these lines because I grew up in a hell-fire-and-damnation church in Louisville KY from ages 1 ½ […]

God Speaks to Us

It’s been thirty-seven years since I gave my life to Christ, and I’ve learned a lot since then about how God speaks to me. Sometimes I hear his thoughts in my mind, so different from my own that they stand out, as if highlighted, like the time I heard this: “I have an agenda for […]

Five Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Stages of the spiritual journey, one version   Commitment to put God first, surrender one’s life to God   Issue: answer God’s call to be born again Begin to hear the Indwelling Spirit of God, “the still, small voice”   Surrender to God’s leading   Issue:  obedience, heeding what God suggests   Offering up all […]

Come and find the quiet center

Through thoughtful essays about issues in the spiritual life and through spiritual practices that still the mind and connect us to God, we can…  “Come and find the quiet center in the crowded life we lead, find the room for hope to enter, find the frame where we are freed: clear the chaos and the […]

How to be present to God’s peace

How can we allow ourselves to be present in God’s peace that passes all understanding?   I open myself to it   I set aside doubt of myself   I take a break from control   I align myself with God’s will   I embrace all that I am   I set aside expectations   […]

Be Still

  There are three passages in the Old Testament that speak of being still, silent, quiet before God. The first one occurs as the Pharoaoh changed his mind about pursuing the Hebrews; Moses in Exodus 14:14 said, “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” He means that the Lord will […]

Gratitude Is The Way

5.13.19   If we’re living the life in Christ and coming to have the mind of Christ,[1] one thing that really helps us proceed down this path is gratitude. Gratitude is the proper response to God for all that we have been given. Each time that we are grateful to God for something or someone, […]

Being True to Oneself

4.27.19            It is obvious that we humans live a physical/emotional/mental existence, but that we live a spiritual existence as well is much less known and experienced. The ocean offers us an apt metaphor for our lives. In the ocean much of the busyness of waves, storms, choppiness takes place in […]

Have you ever walked a labyrinth?

4.10.19  Have you ever walked a labyrinth? Have you ever slowly prayed your way through all its twists and turns seeking an answer from God? Walking a labyrinth can be a walking meditation or prayer. It can bring long-sought answers to the basic questions of your lives, if one walks it prayerfully and with intention. […]

Believe in and Follow Jesus

3.25.19 Would you describe yourself as a Catholic or Protestant or Evangelical or Orthodox or Independent or other kind of Christian? There seem to be so many differences among Christians and those differences appear to be more important than the one thing we have in common—our belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. […]