Living the Life in Christ


Confession of our sins is at the heart of Christian beliefs. How can we bring our whole selves—heart, soul, mind and body– before God in love, as Jesus commanded, without confessing all that we are, all that we have said and done that is contrary to His message, all that was done to us? How […]

The Wilderness

Last year I published a book about the Exodus story, Exodus is Our Story, Too! I spent a good four years researching and writing the book and one major thing I have taken away from that experience is a huge appreciation for the wilderness and what that bleak landscape contributes to our journey in Christ. […]

After Theology and Beliefs

Theology is the “study of religious faith, practice and experience; especially the study of God and of God’s relation to the world.”[1] Our first step into Christianity begins with understanding the Biblical teachings and where I, where we, fit into God’s relationship to His creation. We need to understand how our particular church or group […]

To have the same mind as Christ’s mind

Paul wrote to the Philippians: “Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.[1] To have the mind of Christ is a very difficult thing for us to understand. We think we have to do something, know something, generate something in ourselves, but that is not the task at all. This journey does start with believing in Jesus and aligning our lives with His. It involves the church, many different churches, but that is not the way either. Bible study is a big part of this journey, too, it’s important to know God’s word, as written and preached, but that is not everything, either.