Five Stages of the Spiritual Journey

Stages of the spiritual journey, one version


  1. Commitment to put God first, surrender one’s life to God


Issue: answer God’s call to be born again

Begin to hear the Indwelling Spirit of God, “the still, small voice”


  1. Surrender to God’s leading


Issue:  obedience, heeding what God suggests


  1. Offering up all that stands in the way of a true relationship with God


Issues:  1) trust, surrender of my timing, expectations, assumptions, my way

2) allowing God to heal sin, pain and suffering


  1. Obedience to God


Issues: 1) to be at peace, totally let God lead every aspect of your life

2) to feel God’s love in every cell and bone of my body


  1. Living in the kingdom of God


Issues: 1) fulfilling your purpose as revealed by God

2) stepping into the human community, as one of God’s creations

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