Our Lives Are a Prayer to God


If we think of our lives as our major prayer to God, then we have to look at ourselves and how we live to see how we’re doing on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most loving we can be towards God and ourselves and others, and one being the least loving possible. Our morning and evening prayer times matter: they establish our commitment to God for this day. But how we meet others, work with others, play with others, eat with others, plus what we’re doing beneath the surface matters, too. Am I judgmental or loving? helpful or turning away from someone? present to them or thinking about the next thing on my list? Or seeing them as they are, children of God just like me?

This is not an easy measure of who we are. I had never even thought about it until last month when I read that line somewhere, “your life is a prayer to God” and said, “yes, that is true!” But it has stayed with me. And, as I have struggled with my relationships in our family, I have been reminded of that saying again and again. I have had to take back my fear of judgment and forgive those I’ve been projecting it on. I’ve had to see that the problem is mine, not theirs. I’ve had to let it all go and to just live in God’s presence as He has shone His light on this situation and others, and I have been working to acknowledge that, as far as the Lord is concerned, it is my problem.

So, I have lifted up all that I understand about it to the Lord and ask for His healing and transformation of this issue within me. Several things have happened in the last two weeks to highlight this issue for me. First, I lost my only set of keys to my car for three days. And then, my calendar app on my phone stopped working for two or three hours, but that was enough to throw me, because I couldn’t remember what the next couple of days were to be. And then, my hips started aching so that it was difficult for me to stand up and get around.

As I prayed about each of these difficulties, I searched high and low for my keys, and tried to fix my calendar, I trusted that God would relieve me of all the challenges. First, the calendar came back on my phone in just a short time. I did find my keys in the one place I hadn’t looked—I in a jacket pocket, and now my hips are getting better. It took a lot to tell me how serious this issue was!  I get it! I will do whatever you ask of me, Lord, to participate in the healing and transformation of this issue!!!

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