“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10
“God was in the “still, small voice.” 1 Kings 19:12

Prayer and forms of meditation will help you accomplish quieting of the mind so that we can hear what God is saying in His “still, small voice.”  (1 Kings 19:12) Until we can hear His voice and recognize it for what it is, we are dependent on other people to tell us what to do. With the stilling of our minds and then obedience to what we hear, we depend upon God who knows us like no other.


  1. Find a quiet space where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Sit in a relaxed and alert way. Close your eyes.
  2. Allow your heart to open toward the invisible but always present God.
  3. Whenever you become aware of a thought, no matter its nature, let it go.
  4. Use a “sacred word” or short phrase to reconnect with God.
  5. Sit quietly for 20 minutes. Or start with 5ive and work up to 20 minutes.

The benefit of using Centering Prayer as a daily practice is that, over time, your own interior voices quiet down so that you can hear God’s whispers.


  1. Walk a labyrinth. Start with a prayer as you enter. Walk with an issue on your mind or not, but walk slowly the meandering path. Keep your mind on God as you walk. Stop in the center to listen to God. He may or not speak to you. Then walk out. Give thanks at the end. If you do have an issue that’s troubling you, I have found that sometimes it takes several turns at the labyrinth over several days for what you are to do to become clear.
  2. Take a walk in your neighborhood, say, but walk slowly noting how each foot feels as the heel touches the ground and then the arch and then the toes.


This kind of meditation during some action –doing the dishes, taking a shower,  etc., in fact, doing something while being fully present is the point. So, in doing the dishes, notice how the water feels on your hands and the hardness of the dishes and silverware, the cleansing of the plates. Be totally present to the experience of doing the dishes. Let your mind rest in the background. In the shower feel the temperature of the water on your body, the tingling of the water on each area of the body. Notice the slipperiness of the soap, the running of the water down your body to the tub. Be present to what is happening right now in this moment.


My first spiritual director suggested this practice to me when I was complaining about being scattered and I have used it ever since on every issue that has been highlighted by God within me. Here’s what she told me to do:

  1. Identify the issue and state the desired outcome in a positive way. i.e. When I was feeling scattered, I stated that I feel whole.
  2. Gather your whole self: body, mind, heart and soul to make this declaration: “I feel whole.”
  3. Do nothing else and see what happens. Intentions are a focused prayer that invites the Holy Spirit in to heal the part of you at issue. Within a few months or less, I was feeling “integrated!” Something I had never felt before! As I thought about feeling integrated, I traced it back to the intention I had set 3 or 4 months before. Now, I might have set 3 or 4 intentions that God is working on at any given time.

The benefit of setting intentions is opening ourselves up to the healing work of God.


Prayer is always about us and God whether we’re talking to Him, saying formal prayers or just basking in His presence. If we’re to be open to His presence, then we must focus our thoughts on Him.

The benefit of all these prayers is a deepening relationship with God, an ability to hear his “gentle whisper,” and a growing confidence and trust in God.